Letter to Lucy - Frank Schaeffer

Letter to Lucy

By Frank Schaeffer

  • Release Date: 2017-10-13
  • Genre: Parenting
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I ask myself these questions silently and inwardly: How may I atone for helping to poison America with certainty addiction? How do I defend my grandchildren against the religious right juggernaut I helped create? How do I reject what my parents stood for (fundamentalist fanaticism) and yet honor the love they gave me? How can I help my grandchildren stumble upon the goodness of life before they’re sold towering mounds of brain-damaging garbage? How do I help save the world? (And what kind of deluded messianic fool am I to believe that this is even possible?)


  • Great Book. Terrible Format

    By Dancreek
    Loved the book. It was very relatable and spoke to many of my life experiences. The format however is terrible. It just looks like someone uploaded a pdf of the book. It’s not practical to read on a phone or tablet.